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Trip Reports Been on a cool 4wheelin' Trip? Tell us all about it here. Tread Lightly principals will be promoted here, just like they are on the trail. Please use extreme caution, and good judgement when posting.

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Non-Negotiable Rules
1) No Spaming - You may not advertise your products or anyone elses here without permission from the owner of this board. If you wish to advertise here, please contact the board administration.

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6) No Hazing, Flaming, or Harassing - Friendly ribbing amongst friends is ok, but if the target of such attacks expresses concern the thread will be deleted.

Requests from board management:
1) Trail Locations should not given out over these public forums - Safety is number one!

2) Please exercise extreme caution when posting pictures and trail reports - The contents of such threads can easily be misconstrued, and slanted against the 4Wheeling community.

3) Please respect other members threads - Stay on topic.

4) This is an environmentally friendly forum - Posts describing agricultural vandalism are strongly discouraged.

5) If you have a problem with they way this board is moderated, or with the content of its posts, please Email me (bgreen). We can discuss your concerns and come to an agreement without airing our dirty laundry in public.

6) Please keep the foul language to a minimum. The occasional slip of the tongue is ok, but if it gets out of hand I'll have to turn the language filter on. Remember - Positive Culture.

7) If you see a post that contains what you think is questionable content, please click the report post to moderator link.

Guidelines for Moderation
Non-Negotiable rules that are broken will result in immediate action, and content may be removed before contacting offending member. Members who disregard requests from board management will be contacted and asked to self moderate their posts before any other action by moderator. Moderators are to make friendly reminders and suggestions. The only member with the authority to modify, censor, or delete posts is the Board Administrator.
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