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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle?

Many options here , rednektanker and I drew and discussed three options and pencil whipped the strength and weaknesses of each

System 1 Single engine/single auto trans to LSD/open diff with disc brakes equipped with two calipers per rotor. Cheapest, simplest mostly junkyard (FLAPS) parts.

System 2 Single engine/trans optional driving a hydraulic pump through to hydralic lever operated control valves to hydraulic motors on the drive wheels. More expensive, less parts to fail, easier maintenance.

System 3 single engine/ driving through a custom drive case to two auto transmissions to two differentials with dual caliper rotors. Very expensive, complex, more difficult to maintain. Heavy, and bulky. Lots of machine work, critical alignments=$$$$$

Why reinvent the wheel, use existing parts wherever possible to keep the project moving and costs down, I expect the prototype would be a proof of concept effort with changes to be made as necessary.

There are several options for these three systems including diesel electric or gas electric drives, finances and facilities are the limiting factor.

Obviously, making use of existing assemblies would be the most cost effective and expeditious.

The hydraulic system intrigues me due to its' simplicity of design, easy maintenance and troubleshooting, pumps , motors, control valves, hoses and fittings could be expensive if purchased new, depends on the scrounging ability of the builder, or experience in sourcing low cost material. Some machining required. $$

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