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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle?

Tanker some counter points to your post

I understand it that you spent some time driving the M1, I myself have spent considerable time rebuilding and recovering them. 75 tons is almost 10 tons over the weight of one fully combat loaded. The AGT1500 makes almost 3000 foot pounds of torque and lets the machine move out quite well, we have to govern it to 45 mph lest the track fly apart.

From experience I can assure you the abrams does well enough in snow but not in deep snow it is far to heavy to ride on top of it and just ends up plowing. Mud will also stop an abrams in its tacks when its 36+ inches deep it simply bottoms out and is mired untill it can be winched back to hard ground. There were many area's in Iraq after a heavy rain that the abrams had to avoid till the ground firmed up a week later.

Also the military uses four tracked vehivles every day, snow cats, haglunds, and four tracked john deer tractors.

With a homemade track rig with two tracks you need to lift the entire chassis above the tracks to clear them fore and aft then fabricate the carriage for all your road wheels drive sprockets and idler wheels. Unless you plan on a very rough ride your road wheels are mounted on arms the key into a torsion bar to compensate for ground contours.

Now thats all without even getting into the drive systen or steering.

With four individual tracks you would just take an already manufactured 4X4 like a suzuki samurai spend a week making a set of tracks then jack the rig up and bolt them on.
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