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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle?

well honestly, Touche i believe is the word i would use, and yes i spent 5 years driving the M1A2 SEP, which is combat loaded, 75 tons and it is alot heavier than the M1 and M1A1 versions due to the computers ( don't get me started on that) and insane amounts of depleted uranium in the armor ( don't get me started on that either ) , most of my driving them was in either Fort Hood Texas ( for all you active duty guys, never go there) and Fort Carson Colorado ( great place for out doorsie guys, trails, hunting, the works) as in Iraq i had to park mine in the sand after 9 days of use ( it damaged the roads too much when driven in an active warzone aparently ) so i had to deal with sand, snow, ice ( think 75 ton bobsled complete with cannon ) and while i was in , myself and many of my drivers had a hard time getting them to go faster than 40 going down hill, i blamed the extra weight more than anything. that's been my experiances with the land battleship.

as for the home made tracked vehicle, you do have a fair enough point, to purchase them from mattraxx is somewhere around 4 grand for a set though , not including instalation, which i was hoping to avoid when i was thinking about doing that for my truck.

as for a homebuilt rig i was under the assumption that this was going to be a complete home built deal, like a giant tracked go kart or that Ripsaw thing from Howe And Howe Tech. i was also thinking alot more low tech solution to the suspension with axles using 1/2 of a leaf spring per side for a suspension "arm" and a coil and cylinder shock combo per wheel to keep things flexible and somewhat floating rubber tires or just steel wheels being just two of the options you could use. or maybe canabalise some snow machine tracks and or parts ? each one should be rated for 200-400 lbs ? i don't know exactly but that could be a 4 tracked solution but i guess i'm biased towards a 2 tracked system due to floatation of the full length track vs 4 tracks that cover half the ground.

you know we three should get together sometime over lunch or a beer or whatever and actualy hash this thing out on paper, i bet between the three of us we could come up with some pretty good simple ideas that could be low cost, easy to make at home and fairly fun to actually build, let alone drive around.
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