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Well Eureka sucked last weekend as usual and beat the snot out of my rig 70 miles later. So Saturday and Sunday we went further North to none of your business creek and found a corridor for bou. Shot the first decent one I saw after stopping for 45 seconds (literally) at our destination. 250 yard shot from the hill in the background. Single round through the chest. Clean humain kill. Wasnt super happy with my core lokt round. Blew into about 3 pieces and bounced around in his chest before existing through 3 different holes. 225 grain .338...

Anyway, after cleaning him up, two MONSTERS walked right on by.... But it was a good hunt and scoping our moose area went well. I felt very blessed to have my wife and boy along with our big group. 6x6 ran awesome. Had some good stucks but had a great time over all. My buddy has the sportsman 6x6 with the fat tracks on the back. Thing rocks! So much flotation with the tracks it's unreal.

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