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Default Re: Glenn highway mile 78-82 area north-ish side

Originally Posted by kbeefy View Post
isn't boulder about mile 90? I thought 78-82 was pretty rugged and steep. My mildpost recolection might be off by a few miles...
I'm pretty sure that's before mile 90. Puritan/Victory are at about 95 I believe. I'm curious about the property (halfway sunken cabin) on the left side when heading north on the Glenn around those mile markers. I think it's just about at mile 80, but can't remember. A couple years ago it looked like an abandoned cabin on the side of the road, but last year there were a LOT of new "No Trespassing" signs and some one had been working the land a bit too. If I were a seriously rich man I would offer a hell of a pretty penny just for the views alone!
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