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Hello all,

Some of you already know a little about me but I never actually introduced myself to the masses.

My name is Brandon and I'm 18 and a Senior at Ferndale High School. I enjoy welding and fabricating very much. I have built lots of things for my own and my buddies trucks. For the most part I am self taught. The teacher at my school, is a good guy, but his shop skills leave much to be desired. So I teach myself through reading and a bunch of hands on hours how to use equiptment.

I used to wrestle and play football. But I resigned from both. Football at Ferndale is all politics. I am not in a hurry to play politics. The coaches play the atheletes for the most part by popularity and class rank. I told the coach that he should play the better players first and he told me that the older players have more time in. I said that I come to practice everyday and bust my a$$ for no chance for any play time just because I am a sophmore and he said exactly. So I did the only thing I could--I retired from football. Now I have been blamed for costing Ferndale the state championship. Boy do I get cr@p for that! Not by the players they respect my decision but the parents are vicious sometimes.

Wrestling is my favorite. And there is no politics!!!!! I was a freshman letter. I am not a spectacular wrestler. I have fun and that is the important part.Due to my work schedule I cannot wrestle. I have a proplem with calling yourself a member of a team when you are never there. So I retired. I still look through the window to the matroom and wish I had the money to pay bills and car insurance without working so I could wrestle.

Oh yes my job. I love my job. I work in excavation and I am a general handyman. I fix stuff when its broke and I fit pipes drive heavy equiptment. I do it all and I like variety! And my boss is awesome!

Just over a year ago I bought my J-10. I have alaway wanted one since my mom gave away her wag. I thought I was nuts when I saw 700.00 written in the window. I talked the guy down to four and bought it on the spot! I love 4wheelin and I was suprised that I could wheel as well as trucks on 35" tires with my 31"s. Last spring I did a Soa and only gained 4.25" beacause my front springs are shot. My drive train is 360/th400/q-trac w/ lo/d60 rear welded up! I am planning to build it up more when I get the money.

Thank you guys for all of your support. And help with my problems>


Heres some pics:

Frontyard flexing

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