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Default Re: Government taking over GM

Originally Posted by LiftIt! View Post
"I don't completely agree with all actions being taken, but you can't ask for money and not expect to meet some demands.
Since I can't post pictures will someone please insert a photo of hitler under this statement? Ian?"

You make no sense.

All that was meant was that you can't go into a bank or credit union looking for a loan and not expect to meet some demands to get it. You want the gov to just hand out free money? GM doesn't want to go under, so they asked for the cash to make it for a little longer. The gov wants its money back eventually so they're ensuring that they get it by telling GM that they need to make changes so they make money. GM wants the money, they gotta put their tale between their legs to get it. In my opinion, holding the company responsible for future actions is a good idea.

How much oversight is going on with the Financial institutes ??
look at AIG they gave them all this **** money with virtually no strings??

at least GM and Chrysler build a product and actually employ blue collor workers instead of F*ucking them like wall street does

I agree that ALL parties should be held responsible, LIKE AIG exec's going to prison

I might feel better about all this bailout crap if there were not so much cloak and dagger bull sh!t and LIES from both Rep, and Dem's
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There are some special girls that like some crazy things. Peeing in her butt may work, but if she likes it, youre turbo screwed
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