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Default Re: Government taking over GM

Sure I'd by a new GM, if I had a job. Maybe I should blame Obama for that too

Instead I'm gonna by GM stock. Looks like a good price, I can "invest" in america and maybe make some money at the same time.

The Big 3 never had the guts to take on the UAW. Rather than watch the demise of the American auto industry maybe the govt can kick it in the the a$$ and force consessions in the insane wage & benefits programs.

Stepping back in time alittle, it was September 2008 when the bill that included the auto industry bailout was signed. And the terms were negotiated in 2008, again BO (before Obama). Looking back just a little further, the airline bailout. Imagine if they had been left to fail. Even with the very best paying jobs we would be hard pressed to afford food here in Alaska. Remember when a ticket to Seattle was over $1000? Keep scrolling back, the savings and loan bailout, lockeed martin, railroads, ... read about the last 30 years yourself

Yes the attitudes began roughly 70 years ago. The memories and lessons of the great depression are not easily forgotten by those that lived it. We haven't even come close to its shock on America and the world. I believe, in part, as the result of governement intervention. Is intervening the right thing to do? Who knows. I do know this. I don't ever want to experience what my parents and grandparents went thru during the depression.

You speek so freely about the blood of free men but you've got no taste for what it will be like with millions of Americans living in poverty. Take up arms. Then you will come to understand what it is to be called an insurgent in your own country. You say you've been to Africa. Maybe you missed the hordes living meal to meal. We could have that too.

Were the bailouts the right thing to do? Ease the trasnsition? Or should they let the industries and systems free fall to destruction? There are a whole lot of people way smarter than me working on it. If I don't like the results of their strategy, in a couple years I'll work to get someone else elected.
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