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Default Re: th350 failed intermediate sprag

Originally Posted by wasillashack View Post
I believe I would be looking at a TH400, TH475 or later electronic versions 4l60 and 4l80e's. Inherently stronger but as with most things, stronger means heavier, bigger and usually costlier.

Any mechanical device can be strengthened within certain limits., just as it can be broken. I often wonder how many off road automatic transmissions have failed due to trans fluid starvation from prolonged extreme off camber situations?
i have looked into a th400/205 setup, and they seem to run for about 500-1000 on CL. which to me is insane, there's so many out there, then i have to cut the drive lines, then rebuild trans and re seal t case(most likely)

if i ever find a good deal on a th400, ill pick it up. but i dont seem to be that lucky.

the clutches were still good, no burning. TCI claims my new kit will hold 800-850HP, but they didnt say with what weight vehicle, i am only really at the 500hp mark and barley. found quite a bit on the net that 550 with the upgrades i have should lead a long(ish)life. the transmade it about 7-8 years of abuse

and as for newer stronger transmission being more costly, yes! my allison cost alot just in parts, like 5 times what the parts for this fix cost
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