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So decided mock up and get ready to weld front truss very nice quality, nice fit in there product artec industries axle truss
well threw a couple tac welds on her and noticed welder wasn't welding like it should very ****ty welds, grabbed a scrap piece of steel and it just seemed like it blobbed on there, about a 1/2'' into welding a bead machine changes its tone and i can feel my wire just pushing back against surface it aint getting hot enough adjust setting nothing changes listen it sounds like its not getting any gas gave up on her she's going back to airliquade tomorrow i have burned about a pound of wire threw this welder in the past year bought it brand new and its pulling this bull**** good thing it has a 3 year warranty.

So i made the decision to run an atlas 4 deciding what my ratio's will be the plan 4:88 gears with either 1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 3.80:1 / 10.34:1 or 1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 4.30:1 / 11.70:1... decisions decisions hmmm i gotta find someone locally that can order me one with decent shipping or just buy off someone online and then wait for her to come in either way I'm going to have to wait but if someone locally can make a couple bucks id rather go that way.

So now i play the waiting game can't do **** till welder is fixed can't mount engine transmission and tcase till atlas comes in **** this sucks.

So if your wandering where my build is going and why i chose an atlas4 why I'm going for lcg build... i enjoy alaska lived here all my life, but i really want to go wheeling out of state i enjoy rock crawling videos seeing all the cool rigs that are built for what we don't have, so thats my goal when I'm finished take her down and do some wheeling other than ak.
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