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One side of tub mounts done tomorrow finish the other side then pull tub and burn them in I left them uncut until I'm ready to run my exhaust and will cut them to follow exhaust down the side of frame.

Placed my order for my atlas 4 should be here in the next month or so hopefully sooner then i can mount engine transmission tcase planning on tucking as tight to tub as possible may have to cut tunnel to fit atlas well see. atlas4 gears are 1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 3.80:1 / 10.34:1 axles will be 5:13 maybe 5:38 haven't decided, then link my suspension dual triangulated rear single triangulated front, w/b shooting for 120'' but i think 115'' is what it will be 24'' bottom of frame, 5'' axle up travel. Ive also been contemplating putting an lsa supercharger but not sure still thinking i keep throwing around ideas of what i want to do it'll just have to wait till i get to that point in the build.

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