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Build-up Threads Long term build up threads only please. This forum will be very heavily moderated. If you have a question about content, pm Logjam before posting it.

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Default Air Boat Project

So I have another project starting to pile up. Still in the parts collecting stages but here's the plan. I have a aluminum hull already sheeted with UHMW on the bottom, I have a gear reduction unit 2:1 model and just scored a LS 6.0. Plan on using a stump puller 3 blade prop. Still need fuel cell, radiator, painless harness ect. So I am a ford guy by heart and those no changing that. But I'm also not to hard headed to make a smart choice. It's pretty well known that a guy can build a Chevy motor cheaper than almost any other due to aftermarket support and availability of parts. But I haven't done a LS swap before so bring on the input. If you done it in a airboat I want to hear about it. If you have done it in a truck I want to know what you did and what you might try different. Where to send my Computer to get it reworked to not need a tranny and all those little things. What sensors can I delete to simplify things and what sensors must stay. What RPMs should a 6.0 run at to spin the prop at the right speed and still be in the "power band" Any and all input is greatly appreciated
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Default Re: Air Boat Project

Should be able to get all that info on line. The LS swap is pretty popular.
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Default Re: Air Boat Project

I've had 3 air boats, but what you're doing is too deep for me. Go see Lenard at Alaska air boat. Up the parks on the right, just past the Holiday gas station.
I still have a radiator from my F-350 for sale.
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Default Re: Air Boat Project

Dan, An option would be to put a carb on it, probably cheaper than a wiring harness, reprogramming, etc and more remote location friendly to repair. That said, most EFI systems are pretty reliable. I think you will like the L series engines, tons of aftermarket support for them, and a very efficient design.
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Default Re: Air Boat Project

I sent my harness to the 12volt guy he has a website. you send your stock harness to him and tell him what you want to delete. Since im running a th400 i had him remove all the trans wiring besides the vss sensor. As for emmisions I had him remove all evap and egr related wiring and the two rear O2's.

He then makes it a stand alone, the motor will run off just the harness and has a obd2 and its on small fuse box.

I bought HP tuners vcm for my computer but I havnt had a chance to mess with learning how to tune yet. Good luck on the boat
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