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Grant-o-vations Building something crazy? Trying something totally out of the box? Post it here. Lets see what all those wacky minds are doing out there. These posts should be somewhat technical in nature, but dont necessarily have to be 4x4 related.

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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle?

Looking at a different one online, small kinda slow. The builder used a chain drive from the rear engine driving front sprockets. The chain from the rear drove another gear drive unit in the front center from this gear a shaft went to each side where a friction belt drive was placed on each side the out put of the belt drives drove each sprocket. When you would push forward on the steering / drive bars tension would be applied to the belts and the machine would move forward, lighten up on one side and that belt would slip causing the rig to turn lighten up enough and it would turn just like a zero degree lawnmower.

bump up to the three minute mark, ITS WORTH IT make sure you watch it through the end
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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle?

Sounds like a plan!
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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle?

it does indeed, i even have the white out over parka and paints the Army uses up here. btw nice vids, that little go kart looking buggy with the space saver flats was what i had in mind for a basis
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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle?

I've got an old honda 250 2wd wheeler, runs real good, but the breaks are shot. I was thinking of using snowmachine track on each side, driven by stock drivers up front. I have a PUG transmission with differential I would use to drive the tracks and use the brake on either side to turn.

PUG tranny has 2.? gear reduction, forward/n/reverse, and 7in drum brakes on each side. Has 5x4.5 bolt pattern too, so I could fab disk brakes with jeep parts.

Wheeler is shaft drive with reverse, so I would run one chain from rear hub to up front where the transmission would be mounted.

I just need to find two identical tracks and some junk skids.

I have big swamp to cross to cabin, and lots of snow there in winter. I would think it could drag a sled good too.
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Default Re: Built your own tracked vehicle? big dodge on custom track lol
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