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Prepared for Alaska!? Are you prepared? How have you hedged your bets for survival in Alaska? All threads related to being ready for the worst Alaska has to dish out belong in this forum.

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Default Some gear.

Been trying to get all my gear organized. Here is what I have gathered up so far. Basic BOB or weekend bag.

Here's my Military Issue Combat Pack.
In the small green pouch on the left side is my survival tin (see pic below for content), in the ACU Pouch is 550 cord and mini mag light, then the large green pouch contains 500 rounds of .22lr and 50 rounds of .40 cal S&W. I have also attached my SRK 6" knife on the pack next to my folding shovel/saw. Beneath all that is my Gortex Jacket rolled up.

1 pair flip flops
1 pillow
1 beanie
1 first aid kit
1 Mini Mag
1 Gerber saw
3 pair gloves
1 Military Issue Torch Light
1 Military Issue Poncho
1 roll of TP
1 pair Poly Pro top and bottom
1 DCU boonie hat
2 pair unddies
4 pair socks
2 t-shirts
1 pair DCU pants
1 tent light
2 fleece jackets
folding shovel/saw
mess kit
Leatherman Charge
SOG Seal Pup (I'll wear)
Sig Sauer Pro w/ 2 12 rd mags and my Gerber knife (I'll wear)
survival tin
2 field stripped MRE's
Plastic container (see bellow)

Contents of plastic container.
2 tubes chapstick
glasses in hard case
pen, pencil and extra lead
3 pair contacts
tooth paste
contact holder
3 tea candles
spare buttons

Had to throw in a picture of my M&P 15-22. It's coming with me too. I am thinking about bringing along my wool blanket for padding under my sleeping bag but not sure yet. Oh almost forgot the important stuff. In the lower section of my pack is my 7'x7' tent, rain fly, tent stakes, a tarp and sleeping bag. I was amazed that I could fit all that in there. I also have 2 more ACU pouches that can hold a 20oz bottle of water in each but don't think I will need them on this trip. I still need to find a small folding seat of some sort to strap on my pack for future excursions.

And one of Junior.
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Default Re: Some gear.

How much does that bag weigh with teh kid strapped to it?
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Default Re: Some gear.

Just bring the tent and a knife.
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Default Re: Some gear.

If you decide to bring a sleeping pad, there's a cover-bit that you can get for Therma-rest's that turns it into a leaner... plop it on the ground and you can chillax with your butt padded.

Or you can just do the rucksack flop against a tree, which is also rather comfy
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Default Re: Some gear.

Not intended to bash but some food for thought. How much does all that gear weigh? It looks like something I would have packed a long time ago but I find myself packing less each time. There are alot of redundant items for a "weekend" or "bug out" pack (gloves, etc.). I prefer to do most of my hunting in the mountain where I can stay away from the average hunter so I use the "ounces make pounds" criteria and I definately have learned through packing it up and down. For example I have tried leg holsters but they tend rub regardless of the brand of the rig. I also tend to keep the absolutely can't live withought items strapped to my body in case I have to separate myself from my pack (quick engagements, water crossing gone bad etc.)
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