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Default Paint prep

I am about to begin preping the cab for paint. The factory paint is white and it was painted over with red. There are many places where I can scratch away the red using my finger nail. Other places seem very thin while some seem nice and tight.

The big flat areas are easy it's the nooks and crannys, like the door jambs, that are a pita. I started with sand paper on the jambs and not feeling very good about the finish. I guess I should take some pictures. Ideally I would just remove the red and leave the factory paint. It's pretty much impossible to get a uniform finish on the contours. That leads me to thinking about blasting. I'd just blast the hard to reach spots and sand the flat areas.

I'm not looking for a car show finish. I just want the paint to stick and stay there.

Ideas? Opinions?
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Default Re: Paint prep

Try Scotchbrite pads of various grades and construction (some are backed with a foam pad , etc.) There are also all kinds of stripping devices made for rotary tools - you likely already have seen or tried some of this, but sometimes the right combo works wonders. Making your own backing block of needed contours for pads or sandpaper out of scrap wood can minimize the work.
If that red topcoat is really cheesy, Naptha or heat gun may help loosen it - obviously not both at once!
If the red is an entirely different paint, i.e. lacquer, solvent might remove it and not the catalyzed original.
Might not want to rule out aggressive polishing compounds either. Some of these work great, even applied by hand.
You might be able to save the original topcoat, but if not you will at least be prepping it for a properly adhering primer coat that is compatible.
Oh, there are actual 'stripper pads' too, kind of like very course sponges- machine and hand.

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