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Default Rebuilding a 47/48re

Who has done it? I'm going to make the press tool to get the direct clutch pack apart, anything else I need? Any tips or tricks? I tore down plenty of 727's when I worked at a transmission shop, I never actually put one back together though
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Default Re: Rebuilding a 47/48re

Yes, several times. They aren't too hard. 727 is the pretty much the same as the 47RH minus the overdrive. RE has a different governor. 48RE is similar, just upgrades done to the clutches, most are 2 sided.. steel and clutch material on same disc vs a steel plate and a clutch plate on the 47s. The 2 plates is a better setup, can handle more heat.

I don't think I have any pictures of the spring compressor I made but it took me about 2 mins. Just two piece of angle iron on the vertical and a flat plate across the top. Stick it in the press and compress the spring enough to pull the retaining clip. Doesn't have to be elaborate.

If you have questions talk to my buddy Chris Bowman of Bowman Transmission. He does them for a living. I posted his number in another trans thread on here. I don't have it handy to post.
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